Recommended: Theth: Tomorrow Forever by Josh Bayer

THETH is sprawling scrawled madness.

It is a tidal wave of artistry, comprised of mental illness, guilt, depression, punk rock.

To me, THETH is a perfect comic book, representative of the future of boundary pushing graphic literature.

It’s rawness is unbridled in comics today and every page is loaded with visceral imagery and language.

THETH is a complex work, and it is not necessarily an easy read.

The style is so in your face that you can’t help but languish in Mr. Bayer’s erratically composed lines and energy.

THETH is the type of comic book that I want every single one of my friends to read.

As one of my friends that I pushed THETH onto said, “This book looks the way I feel when I close my eyes.”

THETH is one of the most visionary and unique comic works of the 21st century.

If ballistic scribbling madness appeals to you, this is the book for you.

Josh Bayer can be found on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and their website.

THETH is published by Tinto Press

Reviewed by Floyd Tangeman for Silver Sprocket.