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New gear in the shop!

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“Skin A Catcaller” by Rachel Dukes on patches and stickers, from The #Degenderettes art zine. “If You Can’t Smash It Set It On Fire” patches by God Bless Generica. “I Have Beer, and always shall be your friend” stickers by Ben Snakepit. And.. Oh my Glob! Scream-printed some MAR CEL INE patches and stickers. Don't tell the Banana Guards. (Subhumans are cool though)

Interview with Ben Snakepit

2016-10-27T00:55:13-07:00Dec 30, 2015|Features|

Ben Snakepit has been making daily diary comics for fifteen years, inventing the genre as a punk-comix pioneer without learning how to actually draw. Read on to learn more about the artist behind the madness.

Interview with Ben Snakepit

2016-10-27T00:55:19-07:00Jun 24, 2014|Features|

Ben (“Ghazi”) Snakepit is the comic juggernaut of the modern age. Imagine a robot stuck in an infinite loop playing a game of peekaboo with the most enthusiastic infant on planet earth. Now imagine a narrator doing a whole bunch of drugs and developing a run on sentence trying to say how Ben’s daily comics have been a game of chicken between him and his fans to see who gets bored first, and so far, nobody has lost. To have a fan base be genuinely interested in your life from tour stories to the most mundane occurrences shows something is going right. We caught up with Ben in his Malibu beach house to get the scoop. The REAL scoop.

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Get the new Maximum Rocknroll, it has a big ol thing with Mitch Clem and Ben Snakepit interviewing each other along with all the rad shit on this hand

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PUNX SHOULD NEVER CHANGE (AND HERE’S WHY…) Read Ben Snakepit’s comic from As You Were #3 online RIGHT HERE thanks to our buds at Noisey! Ben isn’t on Tumblr but you can add him on FaceBook or read his blog, and we’ve got all his books in the SSBC shop.

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ishotmyboss: Ben Snakepit appearing in Nova #1? Will he get to play himself in Guardians Of The Galaxy 2? (my friend says Ben should ask for the original art) OK FINEThis Ben POST-combo is going too far and has to be stopped but ISHOTMYBOSS has some theories about Ben Snakepit being in Nova #1, legit or dubious? Hot or not? More importantly, someone tell [...]

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