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Degenderettes interview with Kian Smith and Sara Sherman

2016-02-12T02:28:44-08:00Jun 26, 2015|News|

Tampons For Boys & Men (by Kian Smith and Sara Sherman) are Axe scented in sizes like .22, 9mm, and Magnum. Packaged in cigar cases to be, you know, manly. What are these all about? Kian Smith: Tampons for men are just tampons being sold using gendered marketing. I like to think of the fact that they are Axe scented makes people cringe and see them [...]

The Degenderettes art show

2016-02-12T02:31:48-08:00Jun 25, 2015|News|

Silver Sprocket teamed up with our favorite feminist-genderqueer bicycle gang, The Degenderettes, for an excessively interactive showing of art and installations at San Francisco’s Mission Comics on June 6th, 2015. Nailed above the presentation is a Degenderettes jacket, stained with the blood (menstrual or otherwise) of the San Francisco chapter’s ridership. We aren’t sorry about this probably being a health-code violation. I’ll do my [...]

Dealing with it Art show

2016-10-27T00:55:16-07:00Apr 3, 2015|News|

True life confessions from (the real) Janelle Hessig, on display as part of the Dealing With It art show opening this Saturday April 4th at Mission Comics in San Francisco, running through April 26.. Other artists include Andy Warner, Charlotte Drury, Doc Popular, James the Stanton, Josh Frees, Julia Wertz, Lauren Monger, Lindsay Watson, Liz Prince, Melanie Matranga, Michael Friedman, Nomi Kane, Rachel Dukes, and Sarah Duyer.

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