Punk-rock art crew and record label, Silver Sprocket, curates Mission Comics in San Francisco: April, May & June, 2015

The Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club, a San Francisco based record label and art crew, will be curating three art shows from April to June, 2015, at Mission Comics and Art, a few blocks from the club’s basement headquarters on Valencia Street.

Mission Comics and Silver Sprocket have history. “They’re one of my favorite comic shops, with a fierce dedication to small press and independent publishers,” said Silver Sprocket founder Avi Cado. “They’ve been carrying our books, displaying work by our artists, and even hosting the occasional record release party since we moved to the neighborhood five years ago.”

Silver Sprocket has had a visual focus from the very start. ”We’ve been interested in not just the music of this diy-posi-anarcho-queer-punk community, but the art and culture as well,” continues Avi. “We are ecstatic to be curating the gallery at Mission Comics with three shows that we hope you will find as exciting as we do with some of our favorite artists from the San Francisco bay area and across the country.”

The first show, entitled Dealing With It, is a collection of personal successes in overcoming (or merely coping with) adversity, showing how we get by in the face of life’s debilitating challenges. Notable participants include Julia Wertz (known for her autobiographical Fart Party comic taking place in San Francisco), Janelle Hessig (of the Tales Of Blarg fan-zine and local publisher Gimme Action), and James the Stanton of Gnartoons, along with locals Andy Warner (Irene Comics), Charlotte Drury, Dax Tran-Caffee, Doc Popular, Ferin Fick, Josh Freeze, Melanie Matranga, Michael Friedman, Nomi Kane and Sarah Duyer. From further away, we are pleased to also be featuring works from Liz Prince (Ignatz award winner for “Will You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed?”), Lauren Monger (Clementine Comix), Lindsay Watson, and Rachel Dukes (Frankie, Mixtape Comix).

Silver Sprocket’s curation will continue with Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever in May (opening April 30th, 7pm), a group show of artwork from the graphic novel by Tom Neely and friends that takes an intimate look at the domestic lives of roommates Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig.

The series concludes with The Degenderettes in June (opening June 6th, 7pm) with a middle finger to the gender binary from San Francisco’s fiercest Feminist-Genderqueer Bicycle Gang

Sat April 4th, 7pm: Dealing With It

How we get by in the face of adversity

Featuring: Andy Warner (Irene Comics), Charlotte Drury, Doc Popular, Ferin Fick, James the Stanton (Gnartoons), Janelle Hessig (Tales Of Blarg, Gimme Action), Josh Freeze (As You Were), Julia Wertz (Fart Party), Lauren Monger (Clementine Comics), Lindsay Watson, Liz Prince, Melanie Matranga (Cake and Comix), Michael Friedman, Nomi Kane, Rachel Dukes (Frankie, Mixtape Comix), and Sarah Duyer

Runs through Sunday, April 26th

Thurs April 30th, 7pm: Henry and Glenn Forever

A group show of artwork from the graphic novel by Tom Neely and friends that takes an intimate look at the domestic lives of roommates Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig

Featuring: Alex Chiu, Benjamin Marra, Bruno Guerreiro, Chuck BB, Ed Luce, Gabrielle Gamboa, Grant Reynolds, J.T. Dockery, Jeremy Baum, Jeremy Owen, Josh Bayer, Justin Hall, Mark Rudolph, Megan Hutchison, Scot Nobles, Tom Neely

Runs through Saturday, May 30th

Sat June 6th, 7pm: The Degenderettes

San Francisco based feminist-genderqueer bicycle gang extends a middle finger to the gender binary

Art and installations by Dax Tran-Caffee and fellow gang-members (tba)

Runs through Sunday, June 29th

Mission Comics and Art is at 3520 20th St, Suite B (between Mission and Valencia St), San Francisco, CA 94110 • (415) 695-1545 • missioncomicsandart.com

For more information please contact Avi @ silversprocket.net