Razorcake Says Nice Things About “Goodbye”

2020-06-12T23:33:40-07:00Sep 9, 2016|News|

"...Passmore explores loneliness and inner turmoil through wavy black lines that resemble Brandon Graham's art. There's a beauty to the simplistic narrative, but I couldn’t tell you what Goodbye is really about because its ambiguity is what draws you in; it's what has made me reread it three or four times..."

2016-02-09T02:15:15-08:00Apr 23, 2014|News|

hey nerds, we just got all of Ben Snakepit’s zine’s in stockFollow Ben through his daily life illustrated as 3 comic panel adventures involving beer, weed, work, shows, tour, love, and parties filled with monsters.

2016-10-27T00:55:21-07:00Apr 22, 2014|News|

Aside from being in our As You Were #2 and #3 punk-comics zines, Adrian plays in bands, has comics in Razorcake and possesses the skills to stay fed post-collapse as a punk rock farmer. Read the interview! Ion: How did you get pulled into the mess that is As You Were? Adrian Chi: I got pulled into the beautiful mess that is As You Were by [...]

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