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Will Laren at Gilman

2016-02-12T01:17:34-08:00Oct 27, 2015|News|

Two years ago we pasted this Will Laren comic from As You Were Volume 2 by the door at 924 Gilman Street for volunteers to giggle at while stamping hands, still up at last Sunday’s Thou show. Next week we’re paste-debuting Laren’s comic from the upcoming As You Were Volume 4 on the fence outside our San Francisco HQ for all of Valencia Street to [...]

2016-02-09T02:00:00-08:00Aug 26, 2014|News|

We just updated our Valencia Street gallery, including some new screen prints available in the shop.  Organized Sports by Liz Suburbia, Bike Babe by Charlotte Drury, Crust Punk Overboard by Will Laren, Care For Your Spirit by Lindsay Watson, Portal (Blackbird Raum) by Cannon Dill, Dumpster Diving (Nothing Nice to Say) by Mitch Clem, River Party by Lindsay Watson, and All Cats are Beautiful (ACAB) [...]

2016-10-27T00:55:21-07:00Apr 9, 2014|News|

WILL LAREN has been one of our favorite artists for the last couple years. After having him in As You Were and nabbing some of his art to make our printed catalogs only half-useless, we are pleased as punch to have an excuse to talk to this new world genius as we play our cards in hopes of going hog wild on more projects, drunken texting [...]

2016-02-09T02:24:22-08:00Apr 8, 2014|News|

AS YOU WERE #3 EARLY BIRD SPECIAL The first 200 mail-orders come with all the stuff in this picture including this screen-printed Liz Suburbia sticker with a panel from their comic that makes my heart sing. Also included (for everyone who mail-orders, not just the first 200) is this full-color poster by Will Laren (on the back of our catalog) and a Silver Sprocket sticker designed [...]

2016-02-09T02:34:51-08:00Feb 12, 2014|News|

Catalogs are garbage. So we try and make ours only half garbage and throw free posters from our best artist pals on the not “buy everything” side. This time is Will Laren. He used to ve a saamp thing, now he’s a world famous artist. Your welcome. These are free with orders from our store, or at events coming up like the LA Zine [...]

2016-02-09T02:37:54-08:00Dec 12, 2013|News|

With intense excitement we now present our first set of screen-prints centered on epic art without a band connection with works from some of our favorite artists in the punk scene – Nation of Amanda, Liz Suburbia, Will Laren, and Andy Warner, and a bonus xmas card by Ferin Fick. This is a brand new thing for us, and I hope these are well received as [...]

2016-10-27T00:55:29-07:00Apr 7, 2013|News|

willlaren: Dad’s Fault on Flickr. Someday this blog will disolve into 4% label news, 95% will laren reblogs, 1% miscellaneous

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