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MUSIC WE LIKE FROM THAT YEAR WE HATED FALSE WEAVERS- BLACKBIRD RAUM Now originally we discussed not putting this on our year end list because of our bias, being that we released it and I’m literally sitting next to baby pyramid of them right now. But nobody else has wrote up their blurbs for their year end picks and I secretly wanted this up anyway. This [...]

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MORE MUSIC WE LIKE FROM THAT YEAR WE HATE The Murderburgers - “These Are Only Problems"  (Asian ManRecords/Monster Zero) Self deprecating pop punk from Scotland! Whilecompletely surpassing my expectations for what I thought these guyscould do, they also have also found and reinforced their own sound.I’ve listened to this album more than any other album last year, andit didn’t come out until October. FFO: the Queers, [...]

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MUSIC WE LIKE FROM THAT YEAR WE ALL SEEM TO HATE Imagine being caught in a twirling nightmare room from some cyber-punk excuse for a carnival. You are unsure how you got here. On the second minute you question if this was worth your 7 tickets. On the tenth minute you know something is terribly awry. The conductor is nowhere to be found. You are alone. [...]

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youngnapoleon: Larry And His Flask- Barleywine Bump(Source:

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After grueling years of research, development and market analysis, the fine folks at Andrew Jackson Jihad Inc. have found a solution to life’s greatest question. How do I eat salad? Look no further! We have innomaginationeered™ the perfect solution. THE SALAD GLOVE® provides an easy to use, clean, effective, modern, indiscriminate way for you to enjoy salads! Using technology, we have developed a glove that can [...]

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After Franz Nicolay was found dead in that men’s novelty hat warehouse the task fell to us to portray him in this music video from his song off the new Under The Table split with Mischief Brew and to uphold his “good” name.(Source:

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Hey! Jabber is playing The Fest! How bout that!? Heres Jessie Lucious from Blatz and Danny from Jabber/Pillowfights/Silver Sprocket home team/Your Dreams doing “fuk shit up” somewhere long ago.(Source:

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digitaltourbus: We just posted a brand new episode of BUS INVADERS featuring Larry and His Flask giving an exclusive tour of their touring van! You should go watch the video at (Source:

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phenomenauts-album-launch: Tempers flare while working on the new record! Here is a decreasingly rare look into the song writing machine that powers the Phenomenauts! Link to the Fundraiser Page (Source:

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