My order from Silver Sprocket arrived yesterday. I bought Rob his birthday present from there which hes already guessed what it is, that poop, but I also picked myself up a mean Sean Wolf Andrew Jackson Jihad tee which I’ve been sporting today for a few extra bucks, and Silver Sprocket sent me a bunch of stickers and badges with my order! I love when companies do that. I get really stoked for my parcel, and then theres that extra something else fantastic you don’t expect that comes with! Polyvinyl have done this in the past with my orders aswell, one time they sent me a CD, posters and Taffy. Rad.


  We have buttons and stickers and chains for your keys, we once sent annamarie a wheel of old cheese. Give us all of your money and your likely to boast, we packaged and mailed you James Doohan’s ghost. Before we sent drawings made by some of our bands, though they now have gila monsters where there used to be hands. We are mauraders of trinkets, We are sultans of swag, order from us and get complimentary bullshit in the bag.