Free New Song: This is Not a War

Hi gang! I hope your New Years and preceding holidays were good. I recently returned to Chicago after visiting Phoenix for three weeks to visit friends and family. What a great three weeks I’ve had!

Anyway, about two weeks ago Ben and I went into audioconfusion studios to record a few odds and ends and ended up with 3 songs, two for some Sweet Projects, and one for the thing that is called Occupy Wallstreet,, which we recorded with AJJ lifer and ultimate friend Dylan Cook. We admire the Occupiers commitment to non-violence and creating a fairer economy, and we hope that it continues until until it no longer needs to. This song is also kind of a prayer, wishing the greed that is undermining our country is motivated by love. I don’t want to believe that evil truly exists.

Here is my favorite perspective on Occupy Wallstreet, taken from the intelligent and funny Jay Smooth of illDoctrine.com : Click for awesome video

Here’s where you can download the song

Thanks for reading and take care,