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The business model of this company is explicitly to rip people off. Anyone have any press contacts at NPR or Huffington Post or something? This is pretty interesting —  Some context about this shithole company (source: )

The operation hopes to capitalize on the utterances of sports stars, entertainers and other celebrities on social media sites by creating “timely and relevant” designs sold to on-demand printers such as Skreened and others for custom T-shirts and products.


“We scour social media sites – Twitter, Pinterest – and see whatever’s trending with those audiences,” said Robinson, who also is strategy and marketing director at Skreened. “We develop designs based on what’s hot today and syndicate our designs to on-demand printers.”

The best part?

“We get a commission on every design that we sell,” Robinson said.

Oh and if someone has friends at Disney, maybe show them this one?  — this company clearly does not give a shit about copyright at all, if they don’t mind ripping of Disney they clearly don’t mind ripping off actual struggling artists… Fuck these jerks.