Announcing the release of Irene 4 on Saturday, May 10th at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival!

But if you can’t make it to Toronto, you can pre-order your copy online right now! Or better yet, for a super limited time, get your hands on both Irene 3 and Irene 4 with our discounted combo pack!

Irene is a critically acclaimed biannual comics and art anthology founded and edited by dw, Andy Warner and Dakota McFadzean. The newest issue in the series, Irene 4, contains work by artists spanning the globe from Colombia to Lebanon to Australia to North America and features all new contributions by Emi Gennis, dw, Andy Warner, James Hindle, Amy Lockhart, Dakota McFadzean, Laura Terry, Carlista Martin, Mazen Kerbaj, Jai Granofsky, Power Paola, Jackie Roche, Luke Howard, Georgia Webber, Jan Burger and Ben Juers.
We are also proud to mention that Irene has partnered with the incomparable Hic and Hoc Publications to make Irene more widely available. For wholesale inquiries, please contact Matt Moses at
It’s a hell of a book and we’re gonna have a hell of a spring and summer promoting it. Check back here every day between now and May for previews, excerpts and more. Irene is coming.
It’s a rainbow of color, a dream of beauty, a wild bust of lafter ‘an regular hot stuff.

These masterminds must have lost a bet or are just amused by our bullshit because they’ve agreed to stock our As You Were books from their booth this weekend at the Toronto Comics Art Festival.

Irene is a collaboration started by graduates from the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont. This series has some of the best comic art and storytelling we’ve ever seen. We’re honored to be dear friends and collaborators with these goddamn geniuses.