Liz Prince’s work appears in all three of our As You Were punk-comix zines, which means that—as you probs already know—she’s not only a total badass, but also really busy churning out awesome things on the regular.

This time around, her artwork shows up in July’s Adventure Time #30 comic book from BOOM! Studios. More than a dozen artists joined forces to make this issue an ultra-meta zine created by the Adventure Time gang, with Prince illustrating the four-page comic from Marceline The Vampire Queen herself.


Also worth getting way stoked about is Prince’s new book Tomboy, a graphic memoir about navigating gender, punk rock, and the general awkwardness of growing up. It comes out next month, but you can pre-order it here.

You can also help out by joining the Tomboy Street Team THIS WEEK. This entails taking postcards to your local bookstores, comic shops, libraries, etc. to ask the people working to order it. In return, you get a special, exclusive, limited edition bookplate designed by Prince herself! This is a total win-win, as you get something cool out of it while also promoting a really rad and super important book. What are you waiting for?