Two Portland visits ago, a rat-queen lead us from the woods to a backyard campfire sing-along with an outdoor bathtub and a furry naked dude in that tub smoking a cigarette and listening to a Mountain Goats cassette. That was the very best.

Last weekend’s trip was no less magical, this time with Andy from Irene Comics for the Rose City ComicCon, then with Nu Pagodi from the UK for tru punx adventure shenanigans.

Got some rocken comics and zines at the con and at the shows including standout gems from Lisa Rosalie, Danielle Steal, Lucy Bellwood, Corey Lewis, Peter and Mary Hoey, and (not pictured) Bryan (Forming).

Big thanks to hero’s for taking care of us, places to stay, rides, foods and adventure! Especially Alex @ Portland Button Works, Brian @ Robo Taco, Zack @ Blackbird Raum, August and Bryan @ Black Mold Tapes, Dannielle K and Gary at The Placenter, New Scowling House, other house whose name I don’t know… and all the stuff I forgot. Portland is my favorite town to chill out in, thanks big for having us. Will return soon.