Dear friends in Seattle, Washington: we will be at table #1520 for the emerald city comiccon. We have new weird bullshit that we’re really excited about that you’ll probably be stoked on, but lets be real, you visit us for the haircuts. We don’t have electricity this time for the usual clippers that we rely on for our craft, so THIS TIME there will be stick-n-poke tattoos at our table if you dare. Its your own fault, don’t trust us, no requests, it’ll be great.
Bring a pineapple for a free anything.
Night stuff:
thurs – Blackbird Raum (now)
Fri – creepfest dance party
Sat – i don’t know, you tell me?
Sun: low culture
Mon: some bullshit in Portland
Special guest Saturday: James the Stanton aka Gnartoons

Get ready for a new wave of ska to begin