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We’re giddy beyond belief at being invited to exhibit at SPX this year!

We will (probably) debut the new books from Liz Suburbia and James Stanton books, and ruin prom.

Some more conventions we’re confirmed for this year:

March 5-6th in Austin, TX

LA Zine Fest
March 6th in Los Angeles, CA

Emerald City ComicCon
April 7-10th in Seattle, WA

924 Gilman St Zine Fest
April 17 in Berkeley, CA

Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair
April 23rd, Oakland, CA

TCAF: Toronto Comic Arts Festival
May 14-15th in Toronto, Canada

Chicago Alternative Comics Expo (CAKE)
June 11-12th in Chicago, IL

Portland Zine Symposium
July 9-10th in Portland, OR

San Diego ComicCon
July 20-24th in San Diego, CA

An updated list of conventions we’ll be at can always be found by clicking “Events” up on the top menu.