We are grateful to our friends and mentors at Last Gasp for being our primary book distributor from the start until shutting down the distribution portion of their business at the end of 2016.

Our catalog is now distributed alongside Last Gasp’s with SCB Distributors, an independent book distribution company from Southern California.

This new arrangement has our books conveniently available to stores across the country directly through SCB, and trade distributors Ingram, Baker and Taylor, and in the UK/Europe via Turnaround.

Our titles continue to be available to the zine and comic book market directly from Silver Sprocket and through independent distributors Birdcage Bottom Books, Radiator Comics, and Spit and a Half. Some of our weirder, limited-edition, comic book, and hand-made titles will continue to be available exclusively through these independent channels.

We are not looking for exponential growth or to replace the wonderful stores we have relationships with that carry our books.

It has been heartbreaking to hear from stores in towns our books aren’t available in that want to carry our titles but don’t order from any of our distributors. With this new arrangement we look forward to organically expand into the select bookstores where our diverse and weird treasures will be appreciated.

Any introductions or suggestions about new bookstores to work with would be tremendously appreciated.
Please email sales@silversprocket.net or tell your book-store employee friends to check us out.