Denver is guarded by Blucifer, a murderous horse demon to keep all other demons at bay.

The altitude will keep you drunk and chap your lips.

There is no taking it easy.

I’ve been to Denver plenty of times on tour with bands, but this was my first time getting to actually hang out, a few days before and after Silver Sprocket’s booth and presentation at the DINK Comic & Art Expo.

I am so goddamn grateful to the artists who let me publish their works. These comics slay and people know it.

Ben Passmore’s Your Black Friend won the DINKY Award for Best Mini Comic.

We would have been honored to win in any of the categories it was nominated, but appreciated this category as opposed to “Diversity” or something more tokening. Yes this book does address diversity, but IT IS A GREAT MINI COMIC first, and big thank-you to the DINK judges for the recognition.

I had trouble taking pictures of the award, but here is one flanked by a dazzling glittery skirt:

While I’m thanking the DINK crew, the staff and volunteers were kind and helpful beyond any possible expectations.

This is a really great young event well worth checking out for indie comic nerds.

But ok, Denver.

Hanging out with Brittany and Damian was a goddamn blast.

Big thanks to Brittany, Tripp and Anna for letting me sleep on their couch and learn about crime drama shows.

Mutiny Information Cafe is a kickass coffee shop + comic shop + record store + show space, and Killgore Books is most fresh.

Obviously the local pipe store had some impressive and functional works of art.

Saw the band Cheap Perfume absolutely slay

I don’t remember what this was about:

Back at the convention, I got to be a cocky shit-talker on our Indie Publishing: Make The Art You Want To See workshop alongside heroes Neil Brideau of Radiator Comics, Christy Thacker of Birdy Magazine, Josh Viola of Hex Publishing, and Ted Intorcio of Tinto Press. We talked some good shit.

Did I mention THANKS DAMIAN, BRITTANY, AND ODIE for all the help running the table and hanging out? THANKS TEAM!!!

I picked up way to many comics

Laura’s vest from Against Me!’s As The Eternal Cowboy album cover was hanging on Brittany Strummer’s wall for some awesome reason.


There is no taking it easy in Denver.

My lips were chapped as fuck for about 35 hours and are finally almost back to normal.

Thanks again everyone who came out, bought stuff, hung out, put up with my not being used to the altitude, let me sleep on couches, and all the rest.

Denver is great.

I’ll be back soon with lip-gloss.