Today’s comic, “Cumbies” by Brian Connolly, is about working at — and getting fired from — a convenience store.

This comic was originally published in As You Were, Vol. 5: This Job Sucks, featuring 44 new comics about crappy jobs.

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Interview with Brian Connolly by Natalye Childress for Silver Sprocket

Can you tell us more about the job you share in the comic?

I think working in my neighborhood’s convenience store was something of a rite of passage for me, getting to observe a full range of humanity and seeing their daily habits. Also, the townie kids would see me drawing at the counter and thought it was kinda cool and so they didn’t try to fight me on the bus as much.

What is your dream job?

My dream job that I’m slowly crawling toward would of course be making art full time — my own comics and a variety of freelance. I feel like professionalism with this is a mindstate and I need to develop my health, self esteem, and work ethic to get myself there. But then I’m like, “Do I really wanna spend all my time in my room by myself?” So honestly, I dunno.

What is the value or purpose in making art?

Well, right now my primary relationship is with my readers, with the Patreon people at the core. The idea of adding value to people’s’ lives, and in some small way influencing culture, is a huge motivator. So there’s this amazing intimacy going on, but it’s mostly done in isolation. It’s easy to get withdrawn socially, and that can make me depressed and more withdrawn, etc.

Do you think artists have a social responsibility?

Yes. We’re all responsible for what we put out there, and art is an extension of that!

What are you working on now?

I’m offering a print subscription through Patreon, where you get quarterly zines of all the comics I put out online. This has been transformative for me; for the first time ever, I have a steady source of revenue from my work. I’ve also been doing more commissions (portraits, pet portraits, album art, wedding invitations) and have gone down to three days/week at my day job. I’m super stoked and just want to keep making shit!

If someone liked your comic in As You Were, what would you recommend they check out next?

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