We had a table at the Silicon Valley ComicCon last weekend in San Jose, birthplace of Slave Labor Graphics and the Alternative Press Expo.

It shouldn’t have been this bad…

SVCC was hosted by Steve Wozniak, whose face was on the posters.

I’m guessing that The Woz had fun at ComicCon and decided to throw his version of it, with lots of tech and science.

It looked like a lot of fun for San Jose locals and celebrities, but not so good for comic book creators.

As an independent publisher of original comics and art, this was a strange event for us to be at.

They mixed it up with some legit cool science stuff.

Seemed like a good time but I’m not sure why “comic” was part of the event’s title when it was all about mainstream pop-culture, fan-art, and obvious bootlegs.

To their credit, the NASA and space stuff was a cool bonus and I bet the doggo cosplay contest was cute.

But as a “ComicCon” this would have been OK with some curation and if they gave a shit about comics.

Artist Alley was almost entirely fan-art, but I found three neat books at one table, and was handed a flier for something I don’t understand:

Oh well!

One day San Jose.