Our grand opening Halloween party was fresh to death!

This retail/gallery/clubhouse/whatever spot is way fun and exciting.

I can’t contain how goddamn encouraging and affirming it is getting to interact with kind people every day sharing in the excitement about our art, creations, and messages.

Its fun to joke about how we’re raging dumpster fire, which we still are, but lets pat ourselves on the back for this bad-ass community and these important projects having positive impact on our little corners of the world.

Thank you for enabling, encouraging, and allowing this wonderful bullshit to exist.

We’ll keep it going as long as you let us.

Extra shout-outs to Kate at Bang On for scoring us this store-front, Irene at Wonderland for the vital guidance and letting us borrow all this display gear, Audra at Loved to Death for even more shop gear and neighborly support, my little sister Dena for the van, and um.. Ok there are LOTS of people to thank here.

Puerto Rican puppet troupe Kuniklo was fantastic, along with Kiri and Io on the punk rock acoustic singalongs, and Sarah-Jane at Lagunitas Brewing for being so nice to us forever.

Stick around, plenty more Halloween parties are coming up, because every party should be Halloween.

(Most) of these photos by Sean Logic <3