Recommended: The Island by Joy San

The Island is one of my favorite comics put out by Short Box, a UK based micro-press known for publishing fresh voices and making beautifully printed books.  

I love Joy San’s creepy black and white comics (like Tight Places & Dental Plan, both available to read on her Twitter at “sexytuna”), but there’s something especially unsettling about the vibrant color palette and the sketchy, moody vibe of her pencil color art in this book. It’s a real treat. 

The story is about a woman traveling alone to a mysterious island. She has a wish she desperately wants granted, but of course she ends up finding more than she bargained for. 

Recommended for folks who like their comics a little creepy! 

Joy can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Patreon, and on her website.

Reviewed by Ashley Franklin for Silver Sprocket.

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