Recommended: Mr. Boop by Alec Robbins

Look, we all wish we were married to Betty Boop, but only one man had the guts to do it. That man is Alec Robbins, and luckily we can vicariously live through him by reading Mr. Boop, the chronicle of his very real, very legal marriage to 1931’s favorite square-headed sex symbol.

The Boops are like any normal couple. They have sex. They talk about their feelings. Alec tells a lawyer to “shoot me clear through the skull with this pistol” if he ever tries to divorce his wife (Betty Boop). His coworker at Subway, Bugs Bunny, wants to kill him with an axe. What begins as a simple joke (a sentient sickle-shaped smirk really loves his wife [who is Betty Boop]) evolves into a surreal, yet strangely affecting, soap opera–commitment to the bit becomes commitment to the Bett.

Mr. Boop is a Tijuana Bible for the Twitter age, racy and absurd and a jab in the eye of every intellectual property law in existence. It’s also the most romantic comic strip of the year.

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Reviewed for Silver Sprocket by Kayleigh Hearn.

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