Recommended: Cosmoknights by Hannah Templer

Are you a butch lesbian who dreams of burning it all down? Do you enjoy seeing fierce ladies plot to burn it all down? Cosmoknights combines medieval knights jousting for princesses’ hands in marriage with spaceships and mechas to create a pastel-and-neon action adventure unlike anything else I’ve seen. 

The colors are gorgeous, the fight scenes are fun, the special effects seem to glow off the page. There’s a vicarious thrill to seeing the symbols of the patriarchy in this world get beaten up by a pair of women in disguise. And it is so beautifully, unashamedly gay. It’s not a romance, but love for women and love for butch women who love women radiates off every panel, and that alone makes this comic a must-read.

Hannah Templer can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and Patreon.

Reviewed by Masha Zhdanova for Silver Sprocket.

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