A Psychedelic 70’s folk horror, a whirlwind romance! Murder! Love! Cults! Puppets!!

Team Egg and Silver Sprocket present the animated trailer for the forthcoming graphic novel, Be Kind, My Neighbor, by celebrated indie video game creator and animator Yugo Limbo, with music by King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard.

It all begins in 1973, when cursed troubadour Wegg waltzes into the tiny country town of Baths in middle-of-nowhere America. There, he meets Mr. Neighbor, a sweet man made of cloth, who offers him company and a place to stay. 

Amidst a slew of cult killings and surreal drama, their romance grows— but who is behind the ritualistic murders in town, where does Neighbor disappear to every month, and why is Wegg living as though he is on borrowed time? 

Be Kind, My Neighbor shows you that sometimes the best way to conquer your past is to find a future. 

496 Full-color pages; 6.25” x 8”; ISBN: 978-1-945509-92-6; SRP: $39.99; Release date: 8/10/22

Yugo Limbo is a peculiar cheese of the LGBT variety. They are an animator, game developer, and comic artist best known for kitschy, surreal, and goofy art, as well as the cult hit indie game Smile For Me. Their work is flavored with notes of ’60s psychedelia, ’70s European cartoons, and a pinch of folk horror—a pretty yummy stew, if you ask me! You can find them on Twitter or Instagram @yugsly and their website is: yugsly.weebly.com.

Team Egg (Yugo Limbo, Omar Romolino, Ryan Boyes, Chandler Candela) is a feverishly ambitious art crew ready to create wild and experimental animations! 

Silver Sprocket is a San Francisco based publisher, gallery, and retail shop championing socially conscious and independently produced comic books, graphic novels, and related arts.

Be Kind, My Neighbor is available for pre-order from any bookstore or comic shop, or direct from Silver Sprocket.