Silver Sprocket is an award winning radical indie comics publisher known for graphic novels and comics collections such as Your Black Friend and Other Strangers by Ben Passmore, Catboy by Benji Nate, and American Cult edited by Robyn Chapman.

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Dear Librarians,

We love libraries and the accessibility that they enable.

We are brand new to working with libraries, so PLEASE, let us know about anything we can do to make your lives easier and support the inclusion of our books in your shelves.

If you’d like a PDF or physical sample copy of anything we’ve published, do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for your support!!!

Avi Ehrlich
Publisher, Silver Sprocket

You asked and we listened!

The following Silver Sprocket publications that have been popular with libraries are now also available in hardcover binding:

Your Black Friend and Other Strangers
by Ben Passmore
HC ISBN: 9781945509209

by Benji Nate
HC ISBN: 9781945509711

American Cult
edited by Robyn Chapman
HC ISBN: 9781945509773

Stolen Sharpie Revolution
by Alex Wrekk
HC ISBN: 9781945509483

Sports Is Hell
by Ben Passmore
HC ISBN: 9781945509551

by Elizabeth Pich
HC ISBN: 9781945509681

Next World Tarot Art Book
by Cristy C Road
HC ISBN: 9781945509384

Heart Shaped Tears
by Abby Jame
HC ISBN: 9781945509490

by James Stanton
HC ISBN: 9781945509414

The entire Silver Sprocket catalog is available for free e-reading to library patrons via Hoopla Digital.

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