Retailer Feature: Books with Pictures

2024-01-17T10:41:11-08:00Jan 31, 2018|Features, Retailer Features|

Our comics get out into the world through a network of fresh-to-death indie comic shops. Let us tell you about them! This is week we're talking to Katie Proctor, owner of Books with Pictures in Portland, OR. Katie's been running her aggressively inclusive shop & repping our wares since June 2016. Tell us a bit about your shop Our tagline is Comics for Everyone: [...]

Features in the January Previews Catalog

2018-01-19T17:08:57-08:00Jan 19, 2018|News|

Diamond's crew was kind enough to Spotlight Michael Sweater's Please Keep Warm collection in the January Previews Catalog. Not sure why Carolyn Nowak's No Better Words isn't available in Canada (where it was printed) or why her name isn't on the listing, but um, ok! Smut is bad, bad stuff, sure.

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