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Irene 6

2016-05-20T08:14:38-07:00Nov 23, 2015|News|

Irene is a damn good indie-comics anthology series that happens to be published from a small shed in the Silver Sprocket backyard. The three editors, Andy Warner, D W, and Dakota McFadzean, met attending the Center for Cartoon Studies, the “go-to” school for making and loving comics outside the DC and Marvel “superhero” mold. Their love of the medium is clear as they consistently pack each [...]

Irene 6 to debut at SPX

2016-10-27T00:55:16-07:00Aug 20, 2015|News|

irenecomics: IRENE #6 IS ON ITS WAY. Irene #6 will debut at SPX 2015. But you can lock down a copy (and help us cover printing costs) by placing a pre-order now! This is undoubtedly the biggest Irene yet. At 216 pages, this comics and art anthology is filled to the brim with contributors based in every continent on the planet Earth. Yes, even [...]

2016-10-27T00:55:18-07:00Jul 22, 2014|News|

SLAM DIEGO COMMIE-CON FIELD REPORT We’re putting the finishing touches on THE FRIEND ZONE, your sanctuary and ours from the San Diego ComiCon this weekend, with our dear friends at Mixtape Comics and Irene Comics.  Booth N-03 in Small Press (listed as “Mixtape Comics”) All weekend we will be slingin’ free haircuts, bad idea potion and a willingness to employ direct action to make up for comic-cons missing harassment policy (WE RIDE [...]

Interview with Andy Warner

2016-10-27T00:55:20-07:00May 13, 2014|Features|

Andy Warner comes from the sea, uses his power of comics for journalism, and loves dealing with our bullshit. It’s about time you knew the truth. He’s also a giant.

Irene #4

2016-10-27T00:55:20-07:00May 9, 2014|News|

irenecomics: Announcing the release of Irene 4 on Saturday, May 10th at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival! But if you can’t make it to Toronto, you can pre-order your copy online right now! Or better yet, for a super limited time, get your hands on both Irene 3 and Irene 4 with our discounted combo pack! Irene is a critically acclaimed biannual comics and art anthology founded and edited by dw, Andy [...]

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