Janelle Hessig

Big Punk by Janelle Hessig

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Fed up with wealthy techies destroying the formerly gritty culture of Fog City, a punk lady moves out to the sticks to soothe her soul. Though she is only looking to escape, a mysterious and hairy stranger disrupts her plans and causes her life to change in unexpected ways.

New comic by Janelle Hessig

2016-05-20T08:19:36-07:00Jan 21, 2016|News|

“Men Are From Mars… Women Need To Stay Off That Space Dick” by Janelle Hessig. Autobiographical comic about internet dates! 10 full-color pages, 5.5" x 8.5", $4 http://store.silversprocket.net/zines

Dealing with it Art show

2016-10-27T00:55:16-07:00Apr 3, 2015|News|

True life confessions from (the real) Janelle Hessig, on display as part of the Dealing With It art show opening this Saturday April 4th at Mission Comics in San Francisco, running through April 26.. Other artists include Andy Warner, Charlotte Drury, Doc Popular, James the Stanton, Josh Frees, Julia Wertz, Lauren Monger, Lindsay Watson, Liz Prince, Melanie Matranga, Michael Friedman, Nomi Kane, Rachel Dukes, and Sarah Duyer.

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