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Montana Diary by Whit Taylor

Sep 2, 2021|Categories: Comics|Tags: |

Balancing funny road trip anecdotes with thoughts on melting glaciers and the worrying prevalence of white nationalists, Montana Diary tells a slice of America’s story, knowing that you can’t separate its wonder from its tragedy.

World/Inferno Friendship Society in The Snapcase Incident and The Trouble with Troubadours by Mitch Clem

May 14, 2021|Categories: Comics, News|Tags: , , |

We are devastated to say that our guiding spirit, instigator, inciter—the person who, to most of us, lived under the name Jack Terricloth—has left us for the astral plane.
Presented here is a graphic re-telling of two of Jack's notorious shenanigans, from the pages of Turnstile Comix #2.

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