Ashley Robin Franklin

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Ashley Robin Franklin

Ashley Robin Franklin is a queer cartoonist, & illustrator who currently resides in Austin, Texas. She was born in 1990 in the Rio Grande Valley, where she grew up and attended the University of Texas Pan-American. She majored in English literature with an emphasis in Creative writing, and minored in Studio Art. She has published several shot comics with the New Yorker, the Nib, Pome magazine, and Pome press.

Ashley is the creator of Fruiting Bodies, That Full Moon Feeling and One Million Tiny Fires with Silver Sprocket, as well as a contributor to series like Good Boy Magazine. Things that make her happy include: traveling, her dogs, comics, cartoons, moss, wildflowers, cold ice tea, queer books & movies, and ghost stories.

Retailer Feature: Women & Children First

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This week's retailer's feature is one of the largest and oldest feminist bookstores still running to this day, it's Women & Children First! This 45-year old stronghold of queer literature in Chicago has stood the test of time and is likely one of the places you think of if you have a picture of a feminist bookstore in your head.

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