Yugo Limbo

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Yugo Limbo artist illustration.

Yugo Limbo

Yugo Limbo is a peculiar cheese of the LGBT variety. They are an animator, game developer, and comic artist best known for kitschy, surreal, and goofy art. Their work includes the graphic novel Be Kind, My Neighbor, as well as the cult hit indie game Smile For Me from their two-person game studio Limbolane. Their work is flavored with notes of ’60s psychedelia, ’70s European cartoons, and a pinch of folk horror—a pretty yummy stew, if you ask me!

World/Inferno Friendship Society in The Snapcase Incident and The Trouble with Troubadours by Mitch Clem

May 14, 2021|Categories: News, Read Comics for Free:|Tags: , , |

We are devastated to say that our guiding spirit, instigator, inciter—the person who, to most of us, lived under the name Jack Terricloth—has left us for the astral plane.
Presented here is a graphic re-telling of two of Jack's notorious shenanigans, from the pages of Turnstile Comix #2.

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