Recommended: Sacred Heart by Liz Suburbia

What happens when all the adults leave their punk kids to fend for themselves? The answer is anarchy. Also sex. A group of kids accidentally burn down a theater. Teens basking in the afterglow of young love discuss how they had to murder in order to save their own lives. Situations culminate in a steady sense of dread, and you start to feel like the Alexandria residents: if you just keep your head down and pretend like everything is normal, maybe you won’t be the next dead body they find. The worry slowly starts to amp up until the flood gates finally break. 

Sacred Heart begs to be reread, with storylines that merge and diverge only to come together in an apocalyptic grand finale. I couldn’t imagine another artist drawing this book; Suburbia’s use of black and white is something I would happily give my left ear for. Also there is a dog named John McClane. JOHN FRIKKEN MCCLANE. 

Sacred Heart is written and illustrated by Liz Suburbia, published by @fantagraphics.

Liz can be found on her Instagram, Twitter, and Patreon.

Review by Meggie The Ramm for Silver Sprocket.
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